Prescribing and Mentoring Services
Prescribing and Mentoring Services
Toxin Injectables for Beginners
Toxin for Crows, Frontallis and Glabella
Dermal Fillers for Beginners
Dermal Fillers for lips, marionettes and nasal labials
Advanced Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Use of Toxin for peri oral lines, bunnys, chin and hyperhydrosis
Advanced Fat Dissolving Injections
DESO Face and Body Injections
Liquid Rhinoplasty
Liquid Rhinoplasty
HIFU Non Surgical Face and Body
Hifu non surgical face and body treatment
HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation
HIFU Vaginal Tightening and rejuvination
Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Training
Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing
Plasmage Fibroblast Training
Plasmage Fibroblast Training
Level 4 Laser Training
Level 4 Laser Training
Advanced Laser Training
Tattoo Removal
Thread Vein Removal
E-Light Laser Skin Rejuvination
E- Light
Spa and Beauty Training
Spa & Beauty Training
Holistic and Well Being Training
Radio Frequency Face & Body
RF and Cavitation Face and Body
CQC Acreditation Training
CQC Acreditation Training
Save Face Acreditation Training
Save Face Acreditation Training
Mental Health Awareness
Assisting you to understand the warning signs of Clients ill mental health and associated disorders in Aesthetics
Start Your Own Aesthetic Business
Including Business Marketing
Policies and Procedures
Health and Safety
PAT Testing
Data Protection
Human Resources for Employers
Human Resource Services
Business Policies and Procedures
Business Policies and procedures
Leadership and Management
Leadership & Management
Pharmaceutical Supplies
Gaining access to pharmaceutical supplies
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